Monday, June 22, 2009

We start off today's art links with a vision of the future: 3D Olympic film every night in the London of 2012! Well, maybe. I think it sounds pretty awesome, myself.

This very serious look at the architecture of Star Wars is great. My favorite part, from the description of the Senate Building on Coruscant: "Extensive refurbishment followed a duel between Chancellor Palpatine and Jedi Grand Master Yoda."

It's a sad time in film, for 20th Century Props is closing.

From the sound of it, Russian female artists who followed the wave of Futurism were radical and amazing.

Ticketmaster continues to gouge consumers with bizarre processing and handling and venue fees. To end on a good note (pun not intended, but I'm keeping it), however, check out this amazing video to Aaron Copeland's "Hoedown" in which the musical score is brought to life via the magic of stop-motion animation!

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