Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am excited (?) to report that I work only blocks away from the most dangerous neighborhood in America! Take that, DC and New Orleans! (Thanks to Bunny for sending this.)

Anyway, in other parts of the world, the Glastonbury Festival begins today and the Swamp Soccer World Championships take place in Scotland this weekend. Swamp soccer looks pretty fun, actually. Speaking of festivals and whatnot, the SpookyLibrarians are going to be gone next week, gallivanting about the Northeast, so updates will be erratic. We'll be back to normal after the 4th of July.

Cassandra sent in a bizarre story about a child who isn't aging. Freaky.

Julie sent in an amazing "audio slideshow" on Saturn. When I was a kid, my favorite planet was Saturn. I think it still is.

Also from Cassandra: Ecological burial is the future, hooray!

Thanks to everyone who wrote, called and spread the word about Ohio's libraries. Many library websites have "gone dark" or posted introductory screens informing patrons what would happen if the cuts go through, and the news is getting out.

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Anonymous said...

Glastonbury Tor was very cool, too bad we can watch the Glastonbury festivities from there.

Will the baby girl who never ages menstrate? That would be a bloody mess of a diaper, literally. I'm not trying to be funny, I'm curious.

Eco burials, I do NOT want to be drained, then plugged, and then filled with chemicals. YUCK! Maybe I'll drown and they won't find my body. I can dream, can't I?