Thursday, June 04, 2009

Scattered museum and library-related links today, as it is Thursday and Thursdays are always busy around here for some as-yet undetermined reason.

When budget cuts hit home: the Seattle Public Library will close for a week around Labor Day. Even the online catalog will be unavailable.

Some news librarians still have jobs, though! One of the news researchers at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel co-writes the Flori-DUH weblog, which is fun and weird and entertaining even if you're not a Floridian.

I didn't know there was an Anne Frank Center in New York City until today. I'll have to visit.

The Private Library is a new weblog jammed full of links and information. Go and spend a few hours there!

Indicommons combines gorgeous old photos of Algeria with words from Albert Camus to great effect.

And finally...I've admired Sarah (aka the Librarian in Black) for many years now, and not just for her stylish black clothing! Her latest post on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a real eye-opener, and has multiplied my personal and professional respect for her tenfold.

Tomorrow: links from others -- many thanks to everyone who has sent them to me this week!


Anonymous said...

Ok. This made me wet.

Knowing that certain nights whose sweetness lingers will keep returning to the earth and sea after we are gone, yes, this helps us to die.

I know Camus was a sexist pig, but maybe I can get past that by singing, "Baby, he's only society's child..." Gotta love Janice Ian.

Tim said...

Whoa, sorry you didn't know about the Anne Frank Center in NY. I suddenly feel like I'm falling down on my responsibility to inform!!