Monday, June 08, 2009

Well, the rest of Europe may have veered right in the recent elections, but the Pirate Party made some inroads in Sweden...

The Pogues have never mentioned Sweden in their songs, but they've mentioned a whole lot of other places, and this t-shirt from the 2008 tour shows them all. This is pretty brilliant.

In other t-shirt fun, Wire and Twine is a Cincinnati-based production that puts out some great shirts. Cincinnati natives will like the Transit Map for Optimists, but I think everyone will love the "Stop the Remakes" shirt. Because it's true, the remakes need to be stopped.

Even the dead are on Twitter, and tweeji lists them all. From there, I found this great website on Anaïs Nin, so even if you're not into Twitter, you may find something valuable!

Various album covers have been reimagined as Pelican book covers, and there are some great ones in the mix. I like how Phil Collins has been given his full knighted title, for instance.

Craig Kosak paints ravens and horses and much more, and they're all gorgeous in a stark sort of way.

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