Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We have a follow-up report from last month's post about Legend! Danny has seen several episodes and says they're worth watching. (Thanks!)

Also, from last week's comments, Dan sends in this great link about a British team looking to break the steam car world record. Oooo.

Swiped from Ookee: this 1934 BMW motorcycle is gorgeous and steamy and futuristic-looking all at once.

Compressed-air gramophones are new to me, but were apparently all the rage at one time. There's a giant page full of images and details for anyone interested in the Auxetophone and its ilk.

Artist Christian Hammer is working on a super-secret project, but can share some steampunk cards in the meantime. They look fantastic.

Two resources that are always worth checking out: The ongoing steampunk category page at Dark Roasted Blend and the Etsy Steam Team weblog, which includes Twitter updates.

And finally, because in my world steampunk and transhumanism are alike: what's the value of mind uploading, anyway? Quite a lot, some think.

(Also, when we colonize the moon, we really need this currency up there, because really, we have to have Jules Verne honored in some fashion.)

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Christian Hammer said...

Jinnet, thanks for mentioning the cards in your post. And it looks like I have quite a few other sites to check out. Good list!
Christian Hammer