Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy High Five Day, everyone! And happy National Library Week, too. For the latter, you can take a moment to remember Judith Krug, you can watch Obama read Where the Wild Things Are to kids, you can cheer on the battles against librarian stereotypes, or you can make snarky comments along with the Annoyed Librarian. For the former, just find someone and high-five them...or smack them and say it's your version of a high five.

Punxsutawney Phil is as tired of winter as everyone else, apparently, and is trying to escape his home in the local library. Unfortunately, he ends up plummeting from the ceiling each time.

Eric Orchard drew this awesome shelf guardian for the public library in Columbia, Connecticut. Evidently goblin employment numbers are rising!

Peeps competitions are not limited to arty types, as previously posted; there's a law category, too. (Please note the law librarian in the last nominated scene.)

Tomorrow: links from others! High five!

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