Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally, it's Friday. Links from others will carry you through to the weekend! (I'm actually saving some of the links for next Tuesday, when steampunk takes over for the day. Many thanks to everyone.)

As seen a whole bunch of places: Wrong Tomorrow aims to evaluate predictions for the record. This is going to be fun.

Walk Off Walk has a summary of blog postings on the sudden death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart. How awful.

From Holly: Who doesn't love Super Grover? Much better than Elmo.

From Cassandra: The Getty Research Institute is taking the archives of the Guerilla Girls, yay! Also from Cassandra: Pride may not be so bad after all, albinos in Africa have a terrible time of it, and where are those '80s metal rockers now? Wow, Lita Ford still looks great.

Ryan of Dinosaur Comic fame had a brilliant idea: a cheatsheet t-shirt for time travelers. It's also in poster form!

Have a spiffy weekend and/or holiday, everyone. See you Monday.

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