Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Issue 5 of Steampunk Magazine is out!

From Danny: the Legway. Also, from an earlier comment, the lichtharp (light harp), which is all kinds of cool.

From Bunny: how biology can inspire our future defense policies. Marmots, squirrels and penguins are all mentioned, hooray!

And in other animal news, Andrew Chase has made a mechanical giraffe which is gorgeous.

Did you know that our ears make sounds? They do, and scientists are looking at ways to use those sounds for encrypting purposes. Imagine a steampunked ear trumpet!

The good people at Pink Raygun are in a contest for their web comic Intergalactic Law. For promotion, they're giving away a Manmelter Mini from WETA! No self-respecting steampunk fan can resist a WETA product!

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