Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Roberto Kusterle is the spooky artist of the day. (Not sure if all of his stuff is safe for work; most of it is.)

More cool spookiness is brought to you by DanteWorlds, which is a multimedia experience through "the three realms of the afterlife."

A Gallup poll finds that the number of Americans listing their religious beliefs as "other" is on the rise. Maybe the Jedi are increasing?

However, the Blessing of the Bikes is still taking place this weekend at St. John the Divine in New York City, so many bikes evidently still consider themselves Christian. Also going on this weekend: the Rotary River Rally in Tempe, in which you are encouraged to build a watercraft out of cardboard and then try to stay afloat, and the Fiesta Oyster Bake in San Antonio, which not only features oysters but also boasts Night Ranger as part of the entertainment! How can you resist?


Anonymous said...

J'adore DanteWorlds and l'inganno di narciso, 2004 by Roberto Kusterle.

Thank you, again, for blogging for us. My days would be dried-up corn husks if it weren't for Folderol. Wow.

Unknown said...

Yes, Cheers for the most excellent Dante' site! A good read and well cross referenced.

Love you lots!
The OTHER SpookyLibrarian