Thursday, April 23, 2009

The World Digital Library is open to all! Go and have a look!

The video offerings by PBS are increasingly wonderful, and they keep adding more material.

Are you reading the top fifty librarian weblogs? Or at least a high percentage of them?

Many thanks to Brendan for pointing out this tribute to Judith Krug from last week's On the Media.

The newest edition of web trends (in subway map format) is out! You can see it at Zoomorama for an interactive exploration, or just check out the giant-size version in Flickr.

Want to build your own book scanner? As Jessamyn says, it only takes 79 easy steps!

From Cassandra: ways to visualize the Internet. I'm still waiting for the Cowboy Bebop version.

If you want to help out the world of botany, consider joining Project Budburst; you help keep track of what's blooming where and when!

Swiped from Jase: the Book Army, which connects you to authors you might like and other readers with similar tastes.

Tomorrow: more links from others!

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Anonymous said...

There was a glaring ommission in the top 50 librarian blogs. Uh. Excuse me, I did not see Folderol listed. Surely it was an oversight, surely.