Monday, April 13, 2009

Before I forget: I think it was nine years ago this week that Folderol was born. Isn't that crazy? Nine years! If this weblog were human, it would be a third-grader! Many, many thanks to everyone who has read, commented, sent in links, and encouraged me in my madness.

Peeps are not just a (questionable) foodstuff, they are also a sign of spring and, for some, a medium for art. The Washington Post provides a gallery of Peep art which is pretty amazing.

Some new websites have debuted in the art world. ArtBabble features a wealth of art videos, while The Tools Artists Use is fairly self-explanatory (but very educational).

Artists are also reclaiming abandoned buildings, which might be considered illegal but might also be considered the best thing that could happen.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum puts on a monthly scavenger hunt called Ghosts of a Chance that looks great. DC readers, go check it out and report back!

What can the sounds within the earth tell us? Quite a lot, possibly.

Another story on the death of Nicholas Hughes focuses on his own accomplishments in life and the town in which he lived. Hopefully the community and his family will get some respite now.


Anonymous said...

We must celebrate properly the birth of Folderol. It's amazing.
Wow. We've known each other more than a decade. Wow. The passage of time brutalizes me. Wow.


Dawn said...

yes. completely crazy.

Satori said...

Happy Birthday Folderol!