Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh dear. The LOLcat world and the steampunk world have finally collided.

Meanwhile, Married to the Sea displays another problem with dirigibles -- the difficulty of quick escape.

Have you been reading the Gatehouse Gazette? Issue 3 is out!

Edward Gorey fans will love the tale of the Calamity Coach. Trust me.

I've been saving Dave Lowe's post on how to make creepy books since Halloween, but it occurs to me that the process would also work well for steampunking journals and the like.

A heart made of gears? Yes! And it turns and spins!

For the UK readers, it's not too early to begin preparing for the Dickens Christmas Fair. For those in the US, the burgeoning Cincinnati League of Steampunks is having a tea excursion this Saturday -- if you're in the area and interested, email them or send me a message!

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