Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday! Links from others, and links found during the week. Thanks, everyone!

Seen on many weblogs this week: The Message to Obama Flickr pool. Even Scooter, the Club Creatures' dog, got in on the act and sent a message to the new president. (We are going to ask our cast of puppet MCT characters if there's anything they would like to say.)

Also, I had no idea that the Obama campaign had a Flickr account! The photos of Election Night are especially amazing.

From Tim: the voting sticker many of us wanted to get.

From Cassandra: the Leopard Man of Skye trades in his wild lifestyle for a comfortable retirement home. Well, these things happen.

Also from Cassandra: the story of a Los Angeles priest who came out against California's Proposition 8; information on a new invention which can analyze conversational patterns; and the conundrum of pregnancy among evangelical teenagers.

From Jeff M.: Depeche Mode playing "Enjoy the Silence"...atop the World Trade Center. Wow, I'd never seen this before.

From Holly: a retrospective on the Muppets is going on this month at the Siskel Film Center in Chicago! Ooooo.

VectorPark is addicting. And confusing, at times.

And lastly, John Scalzi discovered that the most important election of all went down in Colorado on Tuesday. Who knew?

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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Bill Herald said...

Ok. Here's my issue with body language "experts." They say, "If a woman pulls up her hair while engaged in a convo, he's hot fer ya."

Well, not necessarily. She could just be hot, in general. Hair is heavy and warm; I often pull up my hair when not attracted to someone.

Arms folded means defensive.

Uh. I fold my arms often, it is because

(A) I am cold and my arms warm me.


(B) My nipples are hard, because I am cold, and I don’t want to look like a contestant in a wet t-shirt concert.

So, these articles annoy, yet interest, me.

Your thoughts, Jinnet?