Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy November! We had a fun Halloween and a fun party - photos are on Flickr. The Club Creatures also put some pix up, and Jere even has some video!

What books do Obama and McCain like, and what does that say about them? In other election-related happenings, check out the Gum Election. It looks like Obama is winning!

The Nationaal Archief, the largest archive in the Netherlands, has joined the Flickr Commons. There are some fascinating photos in the collection, including many from WWII.

A leftover Halloween link: the image of vampires has evolved continuously throughout the years. Who knew the original Dracula may have resembled Walt Whitman?

Imagine what Coney Island may yet become! That's the plan, at any rate.

And lastly, test your color vision skills with this hue test. I got a 7 (a perfect score is zero), which I considered pretty darned good.

1 comment:

Danny said...

Pff I scored 32, messed up the greens and blues :p

And I missed Nosferatu in the dracula list, always an odd one out with the teeth in the middle