Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cryptographers rejoice! Bletchley Park has been saved!

Barack Obama is going to have 21st-century fireside chats on YouTube. It's so nice to have a leader who embraces technology, isn't it?

The FTC has put out a bulletin giving advice on how to shop for the holidays in these turbulent economic times. It's mostly common sense, but still useful.

The Australians had a brilliant idea: wheelbarrow book service on the beach! They should add in an auxiliary traveling bar wheelbarrow and it'd be perfect.

The Guardian has two neat history-related articles: one on female war photographers and one which says the Colossus of Rhodes is going to be rebuilt as a giant light sculpture!

Somehow I managed to miss the fact that Emily of Shelf Check (and you are reading Shelf Check, right?) has another weblog called Poesy Galore. I highly recommend this entry.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article about photography.

This self congratulatory passage kind of bothered me, though:

Matthews points out other differences: "Women sometimes think of better ways to capture a story. We look behind the action and have different priorities, such as the human interest. Twenty years ago, there were rarely any images of the women who were left behind in conflict zones. Now, because of women photographers, you see images of refugee camps all the time - taken by men as well as women." Edelstein adds that "women are prepared to look at the emotional undergrowth of the situations we're in.”

I’m no expert, but articles I’ve read or interviews I’ve watched about the field suggest in order be excellent, photographers posess the above-mentioned traits. Isn’t this passage a recipe for great photography, in general?

Maybe if there is a difference in photos, it could have more to do with the skill, not the sex, of the individual photographer. Call me crazy, but…just a thought.