Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's a smorgasbord day, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday (and the days off that it entails)! Thanks to everyone who sent in links!

Both Cassandra and the Graveworm sent me this awesome story about a piano found in the woods of Massachusetts - in pristine condition, complete with bench. It's obviously for woodland animal concerts.

The winners of the Pimp My Bookcart contest have been announced! Congrats, everyone!

Danny, from the official Folderol outpost station in the Netherlands, points out this awesome quiz in which mimes re-enact famous album covers. Both he and I only got three right, but those of you who know your album names could probably beat our score handily!

If you're a librarian and looking for good weeding music (weeding your book collection, that is), there's a swap designed just for you! The deadline is December 31.

From Cassandra: Jupiter, Venus and the moon are all close together for Thanksgiving this year. Sounds auspicious, doesn't it?

Also from Cassandra: Merriam-Webster's word of the year is "bailout," DNA testing by authorities could extend to family members, and an article on the umpteenth death of irony includes this great quote: "When will someone proclaim the death of iceberg lettuce? I’m sick of it making my salads boring.”

Jim Denevan creates huge, gigantic, awe-inspiring designs. Go and look.

Alan Abel's website chronicles the parade of hoaxes he's created throughout the years.

And finally, isn't this what all puppeteers aspire to, in the end? A whole episode of Space Ghost recreated by puppets! Awesome, absurd stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving and/or weekend, everyone! See you on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I'm miming my reaction to the mime album cover quiz.

bjkeefe said...

Thank you for saying "umpteenth." I'm hard-pressed to name a type more annoying than those tightasses who feel entitled to project their own onset of humorlessness onto everyone else.

Heh. The CAPTCHA for this comment seems like a perfect word for such people: CRITCH.

Bonus: there appears to be an existing definition for this word, also curiously relevant.

Danny said...

Hmmm outpost :p Too much honour, I just like the stuff you write about :)

Outpost France at the moment ;)