Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday! There's a Flickr pool for all the photos of the Join the Impact protest from last Saturday. It was lousy weather here, but there was a big turnout, all things considered.

Art: The School of Visual Arts in NYC is about to begin an exhibition based on Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu, and it looks to be as spooky as you might suspect. (They're a little wobbly on the spelling of Cthulhu, but hey, that's understandable.)

Literature: The 400-year-anniversary of John Milton's birth is this year, and there have been all sorts of observances and celebrations. Over the weekend, a marathon reading of Paradise Lost took place.

Philosophy: Wow, Wittgenstein had one seriously weird life.

Photography: The amazing story of discovered photos from Hiroshima immediately after the atomic bombing of the city.

And finally, since the last link was quite somber and overwhelming, here's a bit of humor. A man tries to offer a drawing of a spider as payment for his electric bill. Polite confusion results.

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