Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finally, someone has the answer to where the flying jetpacks are! Kudos to this brave soul. If you prefer to stay on the ground, you could accessorize with this stylish air traffic controller headset. Finally, some love for the air traffic controllers! You'll appreciate them when dirigibles are zooming about haphazardly!

Via Brass Goggles: "This steampunk cell phone concept has no display. No 3G. No data plan. No games. It doesn't even have a dial pad. You make your calls with binary-coded punch cards, steampunk."

Attention, photographers with a steampunk bent: Gatehouse Gazette wants you! The deadline is December 19th, so get to snapping.

Not everyone can be like Daniel Jubb, former child prodigy and currently mustachioed rocket scientist. But if you have aspirations along those lines, the incredible Information Unlimited shows you how to build, tinker and invent to a seemingly endless level.

Speaking of endless, I have only just now seen the stunning array that is the Neo-Victorian slide show. Wow. What fun!

While not exactly steampunk, pirates and steampunks often find common ground. This live map of current worldwide piracy might interest both groups. (Italy?)

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