Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yep, this Saturday we're combining forces, taking over a neighbor's yard, and selling all sorts of stuff. Be there! (Additional posters, hand-designed by Bunny, will follow tomorrow and Friday

If, and only if, you are not able to attend our fabulous yard sale, there are some other options for the weekend. For example, the British Open Crabbing Championship is going on, as is the Puck Fair in Ireland (now with a really spiffy website, too). And the annual Tugfest contest happens this weekend between the citizens of Iowa and Illinois, with a huge tug-of-war taking place across the Mississippi!

If you're headed to Beijing for the Olympics, or headed to the couch to watch said Olympics, you can create your own Chinese name. I have some doubts on the accuracy here. Apparently my name would be "Sagacious serenity" which, while fun, is probably not all terribly on-target.

Slate has a great compilation of the oddest travel guides ever published. I think I'm getting #8 for my dad this Christmas (don't tell him).

Attention, fellow geocaching enthusaists: be careful about your caching. Ottawa, in particular, would appreciate not having any more bomb scares. (Oops.)

Cassandra and I have developed an ongoing "crazy Catholics" link exchange lately. Today we both found the story about the descendants of the Knights Templar suing the Pope, and she then trumped that by finding this absolutely bizarre article on a recently deceased bishop's inquest. (Speaking of Catholicism, today's XKCD is particularly fun.)

Finally, here's one last link combining travel and spookiness: the always-wonderful Curious Expeditions takes a look at the art of mourning.

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