Monday, August 04, 2008

Before we get to the links, a quick announcement: there's going to be a huge, extraordinary combination yard sale this Saturday where the Spooky Librarians combine their stuff with the Club Creatures' castoffs and everyone wins! Details to follow.

The BBC has several stories on the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, including this piece on the various tributes to him around the world.

Yet another museum has a Flickr presence - this time it's the Powerhouse Museum in Australia.

The Selby is a great new site which shows the homes and working spaces of artists, authors, and free thinkers.

Where are China's female artists? As the Olympics bring attention to all things China, this is a really fascinating look at how artists live there.

Folksy, the UK's Etsy, is just getting ready to launch.

David Tennant is playing Hamlet? I had no idea. The various portrayals (male, female, skinny, round, young, old) are remembered.

From Bunny: the awesome wooden sci-fi sculptures of Michael Rea.

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Dawn said...

Oh!! Yard sale!! I don't really need any stuff, in fact I'm more inclined to get rid of stuff, but I am curious as to what you people would set out... Let me know where to go when!