Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Monday, happy art links day...

Architecture: wow, a house in Italy that rotates 360 degrees. Amazing.

Music: have you ever wondered what all those national anthems sound like?

Photography: Flickr has a detailed map of Beijing now, so you can see photos as they're uploaded.

Art in unexpected places: behold, the color of money.

Literature: contrary to popular belief, being a writer does not necessarily involve a life of dissipation and decadence. But here's a list of ten writers who went to jail, anyway.

More literature: the Guardian has an ongoing series showing the rooms of various famous writers. Neat stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Years ago my sister picked up Ken Kesey from the airport so he could give a talk at a local university.

He was, literally, falling down drunk. So drunk, he passed out in her car on the way back to the school. He blacked out so he missed the pre-program.

When my sister went out to check on him, they shared a joint! Needless to say, his presentation about his writing lacked luster, but it was an interesting story, nonetheless. I’m surprised he and my sister didn’t have sex! But, you know, with liquor dick and age, I can see why. You have got to love the artistic temperament! (haha)