Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Your result for The Steampunk Archetype Test...

The Aetherist Bodger

The aether carries the information, the aether is information. You are one of the few who know the ins and outs of Aether Terminals. You can access information across the Aethersphere, tapping into the Aetherpipes of anyone you want and stealing the information stored in their datatanks. Some think of you as a myth, a legend created to scare people. You are no myth or legend, you are quite real and you are currently reading the Queen’s AetherMissives.

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Okay, we're done with tests for now. (An Aetherist Bodger, eh? That's probably spot-on.)

Now, on to steampunk web happenings. The good people at Modofly are holding an art contest with a steampunk theme; send in their submissions by August 10!

EgoPHobia is a very cool Romanian e-journal. Their latest issue is steampunk-themed and even includes an interview with Johnny Payphone, which is definitely worth the read.

Cory of Voyages Extraordinaires is vociferously not a steampunk. However, his site is celebrating Steampunk Month this August, and those of us who love his website and its attention to detail are thrilled.

I live with a man who's a huge fan of 1970s Op-Art. This makes our interior decoration scheme a little off-kilter at times, what with the dark woods and the chrome furnishings trying to co-exist. We've found common ground in these incredible space travel posters, though, and are planning our living room!

More art links: Ian, aka seriykotik, creates beautiful photomontages that look like dark Victorian cityscapes and portraits. The metal sculptors at Klaatu Varata are turning out magnificent work - my favorite is this alligator made from salvaged steel. An "anachronotechnofetishism" art show is taking place in Seattle next month (I am deeply envious).

Where are our futuristic buildings, anyway? (And where are the jetpacks?) They're appearing, but at a maddeningly slow pace. Oobject takes a look at the 15 modern buildings that come closest, in their eyes, to reflecting the city of Blade Runner.

Since energy is such a hot topic these days, dirigibles seem to get more and more press. The New York Times has an article on zeppelins; in the process of reading it, I discovered that there's an actual Zeppelin University. Some enterprising student should really start a t-shirt business there and capitalize on steampunk's recent popularity.

Speaking of capitalizing, this image scan sequencer is (by the website's own admission) not really steampunk, but has a definite charm and intricacy about it.

And lastly, who knew that there were 17 steampunky computer creations out there already? I think I'd only seen five or six until now!

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Anonymous said...

How can we be so much alike, yet so different? (haha)

I'm The Roguish Pirate! My favorite answer follows.

A member of the court coming to me for help? That stinks of desperation or a set up. You think you can treat the lower classes like trash, push them around, keep them trapped in poverty and then come to me and beg for my help? No, you know that, so this must be the court wanting to silence a contender to the throne. What concessions are you willing to offer?