Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Datamancer has done it again. The Archbishop computer is a thing of beauty.

Another new bit of steampunk-inspired fun is the latest Venture Brothers episode, which brings in Tesla, Twain, Wilde, Crowley, Fantômas, and Sandow. And the Avon Lady, too.

Meanwhile, near Vail, Colorado, a mysterious genius continues construction on his copper-roofed observatory. (I tried to find some more information on this, but struck out.)

While steampunk celebrates the Victorian era, there are a lot of ethical issues facing people who like the aesthetics but deplore the realities of the time. A really interesting discussion on colonialism, imperalism, and how POC (people of color) feel about the era is taking place. Highly recommended reading.

Modern life has its own share of ethical conflicts, of course. How You Can Save the World is a new website, sponsored by the Sci-Fi channel, that tackles issues such as environmentalism, futurism, and nanotechnology.

(By the way, a flying car is out there. It's not terribly pretty just yet, but it's out there!)

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is a creation of the 1930s, so steampunk purists can ignore this last bit. I have a passion for the '30s and '40s, however (I'm considering changing my slogan to "long skirts and flying cars," regardless of what time frame this encompasses), and so I think these Buck Rogers prototypes are absolutely glorious. The entire website is great, too!

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