Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday, hooray! Links from others follow.

From Nicole: Psycho Therapy. What do you see? I was told that I was mostly normal, "but still young." Well, that's good to know.

From Cassandra: the statue of a Roman empress is found, the descendants of John Steinbeck run into legal trouble, Aboriginal kids don't need what we call numbers in order to count, and spasmodic dysphonia is more common than you think.

Also from Cassandra: a very good article on Byron and what it means to be "Byronic" from 1953.

Found strewn along the information superhighway (remember when that was a common phrase?): a list of small countries to cheer on in the Olympics, a considered study on whether Batman could really do everything he does, and a cornucopia of optical illusions to dizzy you as you begin the weekend. See you Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Re: Psycho Therapy -
I was told I was rather dull and very normal after my test.... a kid who grew up on copious amounts of horror movies, still makes stupid videos in his mid-30s and photographs real un-live dead bodies on a daily basis for work.

Just an FYI for you over-protective parents out there.... *wink*