Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thanks to everyone who contributed links yesterday while I was down and out! I am back today, more or less, and I start with something I meant to post yesterday: the crayon physics game from Kloonigames, which looks amazing. You draw things that move!

The steampunk link of the week is, of course, the beautiful Mac Mini that was customized as a wedding gift. It's beautiful, and the "lid" design is one of my favorite parts! Apple should look into that as a retro logo.

I had read bits and pieces of a pneumatic travel system in the 19th century, but the wonderful Damn Interesting has consolidated the parts into a fantastic article on New York City's pneumatic transit system of the 1870s. I envy the people who had the chance to try it out!

Mounted trophies from hunting expeditions are very Victorian. So it would make sense that neo-Victorians would have robotic trophies, wouldn't it? Much more technologically advanced, and much more humane!

And finally, for the true tinkerers: the Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator!

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