Wednesday, March 19, 2008

R.I.P., Arthur C. Clarke.

The link above and the ones to follow are brought to you by Cassandra. She's unknowingly the guest writer for today's entry, due to a gigantic project that has sucked away all my time and is now working on my will to live. So, from Cassandra, we bring you:

And finally, there will be candlelight vigils tonight nationwide to observe/protest the 5th year of the war in Iraq. See if there's one near you.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I think we could link these stories together. Let’s see. This is what really happened.(teehee)

First of all, Arthur C. Clarke did not die. Because of his age and his eccentricities, the murderesses mistook him for an elderly homeless person. This pushed him over the edge. Disgusted with his fellow humans he hijacked the “theoretical” space plane to a galaxy far, far away without telling anyone, not even his family.

Destroyed by grief, his family tried to soothe themselves by planning one of those newfangled funerals. Poor Arthur, although his intentions were noble, he accidentally took out a sailboat and its occupants while learning to fly the space plane.

And while space plane tech. was given to us by aliens captured at Roswell, the cabal tries to coverup and distract us with the war. Divide and conquer. Protests for and against the war abound to keep us unfocused.

Hey man, I know how to read between the (head)lines. (HAHA)

Jinnet said...

Yes, I think that's just about perfect. And it's all via links you sent me, so it's your latent psychic abilities shining through once more!