Wednesday, March 05, 2008

R.I.P., Gary Gygax. (Thanks to the Graveworm, who was the first to let us know.) We've retired the Mazes & Monsters page, but you can imagine Bunny's comments on saving throws and constitution checks.

This weekend brings all sorts of wacky opportunities, such as the ESP Psychic Expo in Toronto, the Wildfoods Festival in New Zealand, and the annual Frozen Dead Guy celebration in Colorado. (Yes. Really.)

And lastly, this bizarre news story arrives courtesy of Cassandra: a charlatan convinced Allied officers that he could predict events by studying Hitler's horoscope. Wow.

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Unknown said...

Pour out your bag o' dragon dice on the curb for your RPG Peeps....word.

Gary Gygax made my awkward Jr. High days more tolerable...and for that alone the dude rocks. RIP dungeon master