Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday equals an entry full of links contributed and/or swiped from others! Thanks, everyone!

Bunny and Cassandra both sent me the story about the newest seven deadly sins, as announced by the Vatican. Way to improve your credibility, Holy See!

Also from Cassandra: a weird doglike beast has been discovered (I think it's really a werewolf); the Mad Hatters Review is a delightfully surreal place to spend some time; and where's FDR when you need him, anyway?

Swiped from Dawn: a weblog devoted to Photoshop Disasters, which is all kinds of awesome.

Swiped from Jere: you can create your own webcomics with BitStrips! Here's a starting point. I'm thinking of trying to start a Club Creatures webcomic.

Speaking of the Club Creatures, a link from Satori: a Flickr group called "Unknown Pleasures: Post-punk aesthetic" which displays photos that look as if they would be album covers for the Smiths, the Cure, etc. Lovely stuff.

Found on my own: Cincinnati has two new "green" buildings that are revolutionary in their environmental responsibility.

And now, for something completely weird: an alleged death-metal-loving puppy. Some metal band should use this in a video.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

Really entertaining Folderol today :)

(1) Loved the shunka warak'piece. I'm impatient though... If they relocated it in January, shouldn't the DNA results be back already?

(2) The Club Creatures webcomic would be funny, maybe kinda scary too. LOL

(3) The Death Metal dog is hysterical. At some points his face looks like it is in and out of the 4th dimension. He looks just like this really happy bouncy dog up the street from us, so it makes it that much funnier : )


Anonymous said...

I have my hand basket ready! Kathy Griffin and I will be waiting.

Thanks, Emperor Palpatine!