Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quiz time: what sort of technology type are you? Evidently I am an omnivore. (This is true, actually, in all senses of the word!)

Today's theme seems to be the combination of print and digital information. For example, the Library of Congress now has a myriad of RSS feeds and email options. If you want to read the classics but don't want to carry around a book, you can read it in small digestible digital chunks, thanks to DailyLit. (Has anyone tried this? I fear I would just let the emails pile up and try to go through them all at once, which defeats the purpose a bit.) The online Narrative Magazine aims to become "the future of reading," while Nicholson Baker, who has taken libraries to task on several occasions, has discovered the joy of Wikipedia.

Tomorrow: links from others! Sorry this week's entries have been short; I'm still not quite up to 100% operating power yet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The tech quiz declared I am connected but hassled.

That slayed me as it is so true in so many aspects of life, not just technology. Very telling quiz, Jinnet. Very telling, indeed.

Being connected is such a hassle(insert eyeroll), such an intrusion! (On so many levels. Teehee) Therefore, I'll unplug. (Literally and figuratively!) HA!

I want a tshirt that reads, "Connected but hassled!"