Thursday, March 27, 2008

Innovate or Die! That's the library-related headline of the week. Perhaps we should start up an Innovation Department in libraries. I'd be happy to come up with wacky ideas all day.

The Librarians Index to the Internet is celebrating the beginning of baseball season by linking to a huge list of its baseball-related resources.

Another take on the "MLS or no MLS?" controversy is going around. (My personal take: I've learned more from experienced people with no MLS than inexperienced people with MLS degrees.)

If you're ever trying to explain why library budgets are always so constrained, take a look at the updated Sticker Shock slideshow at Cornell for its engineering journals. Whee!

Books for Ears is a neat website which reviews audio books - both the book itself and the reading of it. (Speaking of, has anyone else read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? It's reviewed on the front page here. I just finished reading it and liked it, but am unsure why it was such a big hit.)

And finally, here's a brainteasing quiz on music lyrics. Can you recognize a song's lyrics when the words are in alphabetical order? I got 27 out of 50 and thought I did pretty well.

Tomorrow: lots of links from others!

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