Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If you're in the Chicagoland area this weekend, there's going to be a steampunk scavenger hunt at the Field Museum! I wish I could go!

If you're going to be homebound, however, there are still lots of things to see and do. LibraryThing has a steampunk section these days, so you can catch up on your reading! There are more and more websites to explore, like Velvet Mechanism's shop and The Secret Society of Odd Acquisition (which looks new, but promising!).

Did anyone ever watch Around the World in 79 Days, a cartoon that aired 1969-1971? I saw it for the first time last night! Another, more current homage to Jules Verne is going on above us right now via the spacebound automated transfer vehicle (ATV) which launched a few days ago.

And finally, because steampunk is futuristic as well as old-fashioned: a look at ideas for the cities of the future. I like the idea of a forested Atlanta.

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