Tuesday, October 09, 2007

While I was in San Francisco, we went to an absolutely amazing store called Paxton Gate. It's highly recommended for anyone into science, history, or art...including steampunks!

Continuing on with the art/steampunk combo post...the always fascinating Instructables website shows you how to make your very own mad scientist goggles, and if you're especially hardcore you could try to replicate this voltmeter-ammeter bra. Eeek.

A gallery of tarot card designs shows how infinite the symbols behind the cards can be, while a gallery of old photos themed around crime and punishment show how it's possible to waste entire days and nights poking around Flickr.

If you want old-fashioned housewares and lighting, Rejuvenation is the place to go. I love the light switches!

And finally, Haiku for You is not steampunk, but is a collaborative art weblog - send in your story and they will turn it into a haiku with an accompanying illustration. Neat idea.


bjkeefe said...

Regarding the voltmeter-ammeter bra:

Isn't that getting dangerously close to how that MIT student almost got hosed down by DHS at Logan?

Jinnet said...

Sometimes you have to suffer for your art, y'know?

bjkeefe said...

LOL! True dat.