Thursday, October 11, 2007

Random language news: I've always likd hyphens in a sort of hey-look-I-can-mash-words-together way (it must be the German in me), so I was prepared to protest this new movement toward getting rid of hyphenated words. Then I read the article and I have to admit that I don't use hyphens for any of the changed words they list, so my argument wouldn't be terribly strong. (Citing "ungainly horizontal bulk" isn't a very strong argument either, however.)

Current event announcement: Today is National Coming Out Day. I remember this being a big deal when I was in college.

Law librarians: it's fun to be online, isn't it? (I mean this quite seriously. I love virtual reference.)

New libraries: check out this Library on the Lake in Shanghai. It looks awesome. (Actually, it looks like a level in Katamari Damacy. Roll around and pick up the books!)

Found via there's a British underworld gangster called The Librarian. This would be kind of cool if said Librarian wasn't responsible for kids getting shot.

And finally, for the non-librarians among us (or the librarians who want to slack off and have some fun with tagging): play ListenGame and categorize some songs by emotion!

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