Monday, October 15, 2007

A local paper did an article on the Halloween Hullabaloo art exhibit going on, and the Cthulhu table gets mentioned! Also, while poking around the net for other Hullabaloo-related bits, I found Morninglori's creations, which are awesome and fun and can also be seen at the exhibit.

And now, on to the Monday links!

If a piece of art isn't finished, is it still art? You could probably extrapolate this out to unfinished books, too.

On television, transgendered people are getting some representation for once.

Did you know there was an "unlucky" Verdi opera? Me neither!

I'm fascinated by Alan Moore, who brought us Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and much more. An article about his latest (controversial) work takes place in the town where he lives.

And finally...Rona Jaffe, who brought us Mazes & Monsters, began a foundation which gives out awards to writers. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Lost Girls is one of my favorites. I wanted to order it for the public library.(haha) Shade liked parts of it, but some of it insulted his delicate sensibilites.

Anonymous said...

PS I'm very excited about your table. I cannot wait until the opening. We have much to celebrate, do we not?