Thursday, October 18, 2007

A reminder for those in the area: you can stop by Indigenous in O'Bryonville tonight and see the spooky librarians (and many more people!) at the Halloween art show!

Found on Librarian's Index to the Internet: did you know that today is Alaska Day?

WikiMindMap is a fun visual search engine for Wikipedia. I tried libraries and got some good results, and then I tried Halloween and got oodles of interesting subsets.

A steampunky purse made from old books is just plain awesome. And if you like those wild designs from the end papers of older books, you'll love this assortment from Drawger (add your own if you have some cool ones!).

Threadless is at it again, providing cool shirts for the masses. This one's even library-oriented.

Finally, some Flash fun: play library games! The second one ("I'll Get It!") is frighteningly similar to the shifts I have on the virtual reference desk.

Tomorrow: links from otherse!


Unknown said...

the show last night was awesome (as were you)!

Very proud of you!
The Rabbit

Anonymous said...

I second that! It was fun to see everyone ELSE drooling all over your table!

We had fun, thanks for the invite!