Thursday, October 25, 2007

As the good people at Library Etiquette point out, "Blogging at a library conference is a great way to avoid going outside and seeing exciting new places," but I am headed out to Internet Librarian next week and bringing the laptop along. Hopefully I will update every now and then, but the pull of the otters is strong, which is why I didn't sign up to get a "blogger" ribbon! (To keep track of other librarians who will be part of the Monterey invasion, Technorati is good for this sort of thing.)

Even the Library of Congress has stuff go missing - up to 17%, according to a recent review. I don't feel so bad about our stray missing materials now.

Combining the World Series and the Supreme Court may seem bizarre, but Oyez Baseball! does just that. Additionally, you can look up any justice, either modern or historic, and take a quiz to see which baseball personage they most represented. (I am a miffed bystander for this World Series, because I think it was Cleveland's turn to break their curse and win the whole thing. Boston seems like quite the juggernaut right now, though.)

For the word geeks: the Scripps Spelling Bee and Merriam-Webster have joined forces to create Spell It! - a study site for spellers. Nice!

Lots of links from others tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Very generous of the good people coordinating Internet Librarian to offer meetings in Muir Woods and the Big Sur region. Should be quite fun AND educational!