Monday, October 22, 2007

Literature, music and culture (or lack thereof) are the themes for today...

The recently discovered portrait of Shakespeare appears to be authentic. Sadly, this will not put any controversies about who really wrote all those sonnets and plays.

Meanwhile, a new theory about the cause of death for Edgar Allan Poe seems to have a lot of sense behind it; they're thinking he may have had a brain tumor. (Bonus points are given for the poem in the comments!)

Picking on someone's misuse of grammar is popular these days. (God knows I do it often enough. Bunny thinks I missed my calling as a proofreader.) Many thanks to Cassandra for sending this to me!

It's Halloween season, and that means it's time to put dogs in all sorts of silly costumes.

They Might Be Giants has a video out for "We're the Mesopotamians." Yay! (TMBG is touring right now, too. Check out their website for more info.)

And finally, here's some good old culture jamming. Johnny's Toys is a local toy store, known for its "birthday castle." Suddenly, a small band of freedom fighters appeared on the scene...

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