Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Something fun for the futuristic transhumanists among us: a free downloadable pdf of Raymond Kurzweil's essays from 2001-2003. (Thanks, Bunny!)

Behold the museum of flashlights, bringing you a vast array of tiny lights throughout the years.

So what attracts a person to steampunk? A discussion on LiveJournal brings up all sorts of interesting points. The overall answer is the same one I have: we were always interested in this sort of stuff, we just didn't know there was a name for it!

(I also like this comment: "It's the constant feeling that I was born a century too early or a century too late.")

And finally, Unhallowed Metropolis looks like all kinds of awesome. The bios are especially great.

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Anonymous said...

Re: "Steampunk" having a name... Yeah, I always have mixed feelings about finding out things I like have been given a label. As soon as it is given some marketing or pop culture name, all of a sudden "rules" start popping up and people start judging you based on those "rules." Then you have to conform to be non-conformist. BAH!