Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who cares if it's still September? It's time to start getting spooky and celebrating Halloween season! To start off, the Coney Island Film Festival is showing American Scary this weekend, and if you pay close attention you will see a brief bit with the Meet Cleaver Theatre characters.

X-Entertainment has started its annual awesome Halloween countdown already, and even the steampunk site Voyages Extraordinaires has gotten into the spirit with an essay on classic horror monsters. (Really, Kenneth Strickfaden's designs were as steampunk as you can get. He's criminally underappreciated.)

For your haunted house, why not consider the Exorcist bed? Actually, this could make for a good prank bed when it's not Halloween...

By the way, French Vogue thinks that devil worship is the hot new look. I could have sworn this was some sort of PhotoShop hoax.

Speaking of heresies, English Heretic is a site after my own heart. I love the idea of plaques to commemorate darker happenings.

Lastly, if you're not quite ready for Halloween fun yet, this animated Journey of Man takes you on a trip through history and civilization. Neat, and educational, too!

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bjkeefe said...

The new French Vogue ought to do wonders for restoring relations with American wingnuts. Great pics. I thought the Yorick bit was hilarious, too.

That journey of (hu)man(ity) site is pretty impressive, too.