Friday, September 14, 2007

Wow, what a work week it's been. Today's Unshelved sums it up almost perfectly.

But it is Friday! Hooray! Time for links from others. Thanks, everyone. First off, our prop diva Tracy has started a Wikipedia page for Meet Cleaver Theatre, so we are all official-like and stuff. Many many thanks to Tracy. (You'll be seeing more of her in front of the camera as well, when the new batch of Subatomic episodes start up!)

From Dawnowar: Can you tell the difference between a serial killer and the inventor of a computer programming language? This may be an important skill at some point in your life!

From Cassandra: There's a new cat on Downing Street, there's a new interview with David Cronenberg over at Salon, and there's a newly discovered Viking ship resting beneath a British pub.

From Bunny: Everything you ever wanted to know about Doctor Who-themed crafts, but were afraid to ask.

Found in several places on the web: a baby monkey bonds with a pigeon. Awwww!

Also found linked from several places: take a career matchmaking survey and find out what you're meant to do. You get 40 results. Here are my top 15, some of which are dead on target and some of which will be hilarious to people who know me:

1. Archivist

2. Special Effects Technician

3. Costume Designer

4. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator

5. Sign Maker

6. Anthropologist

7. Desktop Publisher

8. Fashion Designer

9. Writer

10. Makeup Artist

11. Political Aide

12. Activist

13. Critic

14. Artist

15. Comedian

I think #40 was working in an auto body shop, and the one above that was gun repair. Seriously.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.


bjkeefe said...

Wow. "Unshelved" is gold.

"Don't drool, Merv. Those are first editions." This may just become the Line-That-I-Will-Not-Stop-Saying.

Feels like the first time I saw "Pulp Fiction."

"Umm-Hmm! This IS a tasty cheeseburger!"

bjkeefe said...

Oops. Here is the link I meant to add, last comment.

Jinnet said...

Hee. Yes, Unshelved is wonderful. I have this one taped to my wall at work.