Thursday, September 06, 2007

This morning I was at the downtown public library, trying to track down an obscure journal, when a teenager came up to me.

"Excuse me. Excuse me! Do you work here?"
"Uh, no."
"Oh. Oops!"

Librarians give off an aura. I'm sure of it.

Speaking of, it's been confirmed; I will be among the thousands of librarians invading Monterey in the fall for Internet Librarian 2007. Yay! Now I have to figure out a decent Halloween costume that can travel to California and back.

More invasion news: on Monday, hordes of librarians are going to descend upon answer sites, apparently.

The rest of the links today are fairly random:
  • Forget about Burning Man; Zozobra burns for the 83rd time tomorrow in New Mexico!
  • The latest on how our country is falling apart at the seams : Army environmental guidelines have conveniently been repealed. (This includes archaeological preservation, by the way.)
  • When I went to library school, I took a class on oral history and even considered trying it out professionally. Getting people to tell their life stories sounded pretty fun. There's an infinite number of odd industries to document, too, such as Kentucky bacon! Mmmm!

Tomorrow: links from others, because it will be Friday, thank God.


Anonymous said...

The funny thing about going to internet librarian is this-I can't seem to fit the conference into my schedule.

Big Sur here I come!

Darren Chase said...

"Librarians give off an aura. I'm sure of it." -- that's better than giving off an odor