Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Okay, would you know what this sign meant? I would have no idea it referred to GPS units (or "sat-navs" as they seem to call them). Welsh is confusing, even in pictogram format.

I know I talked about Maps for Us last week, but they've put up some real gems in the last few days. There's a map for escaping zombie attacks (I think Bunny has one of these for work) and a map showing the so-called baker states. I had no idea.

And now, the morbid report. Noise is killing us! Shhhh! Alternatively, you can embrace death and celebrate with a cannibal banquet (thanks, Bunny....I think). We're agreeing with the idea that this is a publicity stunt and not an actual fad, but who knows?

And finally, I think I've linked to Pushin' Daisies in the past, but they have some awesome new stuff in their catalogue for the morticians and the generally spooky populace. Go and see!

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