Thursday, September 13, 2007

One nice thing about being a librarian is that sometimes - not always, but sometimes - you get to work among beautiful objects in beautiful rooms. (I am still holding out hope that I'll work in a Jedi library one day.) Curious Expeditions shows off some breathtakingly gorgeous library photos.

And then there are the patrons. (Just kidding. Usually.) Here, Robot Chicken brings you Sleestacks in the library. (Incidentally, a recent Fark discussion revealed that many kids in the '70s were terrified of Sleestacks. Really?)

The Bureau of Prisons has been removing religious materials from prison libraries, and, not surprisingly, people are upset about it.

If you've ever wanted to have some control over what gets published and what doesn't, here's your chance: become a reader at Slushpile and find the next Pynchon or Rowling or whomever.

And now, in things not library-related: Which Sesame Street character are you? I am confused by my results:
You are Big Bird. You are something of an eccentric, and not everyone always gives you credit for your inventiveness and intelligence. You may not always know everything, but people turn to you for your sound, unique logic. Plus, you have a big heart. Really big.

I was never very keen on Big Bird...but this description doesn't sound like the Big Bird I knew growing up. People go to Big Bird for logical perspective these days? What's the world coming to, anyway?

Also: there was a canine extravaganza at the Great American Ball Park last night before the Reds game, and it looks like they all had lots of fun. (And we won, too! Maybe they should bring dogs to every game next year.)


Anonymous said...

Jinnet, I, too, am BB.

Maybe I'm misremembering, but Big Bird was always on my nerves. Everyone in my family always called me Oscar the Grouch.

Anonymous said...

Really, there's not much more that's scary than a Sleestack sneaking up behind you and grabbing you with their cone like hands.