Monday, September 17, 2007

If you're reading this while at work, you are slacking! But that's okay - it helps your creativity.

Today's update on how we are wrecking the world: Sumerian and Mesopotamian artifacts are being destroyed by the occupation in Iraq. Lovely. (Thanks to Cassandra for sending this in.)

Current arty news: it's time once again for the amazing World of Wearable Art in New Zealand! Also, the British Museum is featuring a small portion of ancient China's terracotta army. I'd love to see this.

The "did he or didn't he" debate on Shakespeare's work enters its 345986th round. I am about to propose that everything was written by aliens in hopes of kicking our civilization up a notch. (According to a dream Bunny had last night, aliens are interested in libraries and research.)

Want to be part of a gigantic puppet extravaganza? Join the Million Puppet Project and set a new record for the most puppets in one place next spring!

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