Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I found myself refreshing the news pages all morning, waiting to see if anything was happening...

On to the steampunky and the strange. Next week there will actually be some steampunk action in the midwest! The NeoVictorian SteamPunk TeaParty will take place in Bloomington, Indiana next Tuesday at the Axis of Evil. Sadly I won't be able to go, with it being a work night and all, but if anyone nearby checks it out let me know.

A nod to the past: consider burying your body, or at least placing a memorial stone, in the Great Pyramid. This is pretty fascinating.

A nod to the future: Japanese girls, who brought us the Elegant Gothic Lolita look earlier, are now gluing amazing, dramatically fake eyelashes on themselves. This would drive me absolutely mad (I don't even deal well with mascara or eyeshadow), but it looks pretty.

Thanks to Boing Boing Gadgets (a new offshoot of the parent Boing Boing!), there's now a Flickr pool of images from an imagined 2000. Neat, neat stuff.

Forget the wonders of the ancient world, how about the deserted wonders of the postmodern world? (I'm guessing that many of us who are interested in steampunk also find abandoned places fascinating.) There are two parts; the website is a little unstable due to all the attention it's been getting recently, but once the pages come up they are lovely.

Something a little more Victorian and mythological: the Cobweb Forest, a serialized story. It's very beautiful, and old-fashioned yet high-tech.

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