Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy International Women's Day! (Thanks to Courtney for the reminder!)

It's also the beginning of the International Polar Year...which apparently lasts for two years. Yeah, I don't know either. Maybe each pole gets its own year.

Mr. Humphreys is no longer free here on earth, but he may be dressing angels in heaven. Sad news.

What kind of stars do you have at your local library? Around these parts, we have Peter Frampton and Bootsy Collins! Rock on!

Google Answers has gone away, but some former members have formed UClue. Interesting.

If, like me, you love cities and photographs, this repository of photographs of cities should delight you.

And finally, after having seen a few people try this out, I am following the herd and am now on Twitter. If you want the occasional snarky or cryptic one-liner from me throughout the day, become my friend! There's even an RSS feed.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...


John Inman was one of the greatest comic character actors of all time!! His pantomime was hilarious! He fairly recently (a few years back) did a guest spot on a French and Saunders (MUCH funnier than AbFab)spoof of Phantom Menace. He stole the show. I am going home to watch an AYBS? marathon.

I'm free!