Friday, March 02, 2007

Special, three-for-one day! Here's our big announcement for Meet Cleaver Theatre.



Meet Cleaver Theatre has lots of new media for you krypt-kids to snack on!
We've been pushing new bits for over a week now, but instead of bugging you relentlessly, we thought we would wait and dump it all on you at once (like your helpful boss or instructor).

Check out our profile on Myspace as well as our main site to see our fancy new online channel via "Brightcove"! For you kiddies with slower connections, we've duplicated all of our new material onto our Youtube channel as well! Be on the look out for 6 (count'em...SIX) new full length episodes of Meet Cleaver Theatre coming to your viewing area soon! All are chock full of trivia, skits and more wondrous ephemera than you can shake a martini at!

See Butch get arrested and put in the clink! See Joan get a new lease on life! Discover the mysteries of the talking Lovecraftian manuscript! Watch the climactic battle between the Cleavers and a new arch super villain! St. Corman enlightens the audience...the Paranoid Neighbor battles Deep Ones and the Cleavers learn the benefits of staying fit from Hercules himself!!! Now that's a spring break to remember!

So stop on by to visit your favorite psychotronic family as they bring you new trailers, new music videos and even behind the scenes footage from Universal Studios! Thanks to everyone for your support!

Cheers, The Cleavers


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