Thursday, March 22, 2007

First off, please note the little search box in the upper right corner. You can search the spookylibrarians site for old Folderol posts and the like now, and it seems to work well so far. Thanks to Tim for suggesting it!

Also from Tim: The Library 2.0 group on Ning, which, as he says, is a social network similar to MySpace, but with better web design. The movers and shakers are on there; check it out! (I am not on there - yet, anyway - but may be soon. I always feel that I'm not hardcore enough for some library communities.)

I am on Twitter, however, as are a lot of other librarians, and new uses for the application are being investigated as we get used to it and experiment a bit. (I swiped this from Library Stuff, which also pointed out that John Edwards has his own Twitter account and blog. Now THAT is cool. Instant updates from the campaign trail! Think if everyone was doing this!)

The contest for Oddest Book Title is afoot, and a discussion among law librarians has turned up some seriously strange titles, too, such as "No justice, no piece!: a working girl's guide to labor organizing in the sex industry." Hee.

Fun with history! TimeSearch shows you what was happening when and where; the Presidential Timeline concentrates on U.S. presidents from the 20th century onward.

For those of us who search for medical articles, Relemed looks interesting - evidently it searches for relevancy between terms in PubMed articles. I haven't tried it out yet, however.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Not to be too snarky but Relemed really is not very relevant especially for those of us who read biomedical science article on a regular basis. PubMed is much better and easier to use. Just my opinion, though.