Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First off, this is the best fairytale ever. Parents, go read it to your kids!

An update on the R2D2 mailboxes: there are two in the Cincinnati area! I will hunt down the one downtown and take a photo. Also, here's a "teaser" trailer for the announcement of the Star Wars stamp.

More nostalgia: remember when playgrounds were dirty and dangerous and lots more fun?

Asteroids are coming and there's nothing we can do, aieeee! Well, maybe. Alternatively, you could not worry about crashing meteors and instead make art from Red Bull cans. (Bar owners should really get in on this; I bet they have enough empty cans lying about.)


Anonymous said...

Our school had very tall monkey bars that were placed on a concrete playground. At least once a month, therefore, the ambulance came to take away some poor child with a head injury or a dislocated shoulder! Ahhhh...those were the days.

Anonymous said...

I just paid my bills in the R2D2 mailbox on 7th it's right outside our building :)

Jinnet said...

Satori: I am coming by tomorrow with a camera to get a photo!