Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hey there, RSS users. I am experimenting with Google Reader and am not sure what I think about it yet. It seems a little...glitchy. Then again, Bloglines (my current standby) is also glitchy at times. Any opinions?

A brand new site for the law librarians: Open Congress promises to pull together not only the Congressional documents but also the buzz on the web about bills and acts and whatnot. Should be interesting to see how it works.

Meanwhile, the Library Ninja would like to remind you that books can be just as useful as computers. Plus, books can be used as a weapon - they can inflict some pretty vicious papercuts.

If you're a fan of the Oscars and a librarian, take note: the Academy is looking for a librarian/archivist. Ooooooo.

If you're more interested in spy stuff and super-secret defense intelligence, maybe you could get a job at the Pentagon and contribute to the Intellipedia. (I'm intrigued. What does it look like? What kind of stuff is on there? Are there flamewars?)

Anniversary time: The Cat in the Hat turns 50 this year, and Montessori education turns 100. Go and celebrate one or both!

From Cassandra: Pride and Prejudice is, allegedly, the best book ever. So say the BBC respondents, anyway.

Historical maps are cool. Online historical maps are even cooler!

Lastly, a search engine that uses a visual interface: Quintura, which has been revamped lately. I admit that I am not a big fan of these visualization techniques, but then again, I tend to like lists. Your mileage will most likely vary.

Tomorrow: more links from others!


Dawn said...

Thanks for coming out for my birthday :)

I use MyYahoo!

I never really found a newsreader I like any better than it.

I use it as a podcatcher too.
I was thinking about doing a blog about the very thing when i saw you'd beat me to it!

Bill Herald said...


Who cares what the BBC thinks is good lit? P & P blows.

I want to know your list. Post them, ASAP, please.

Tim said...

I used to use Bloglines but never got comfortable with the way it displayed. I tried Reader on a whim and actually like it. I've not found any glitches with it, save for J.D.'s site Foldedspace. For whatever reason, Google Reader does not get along with Foldedspace.

Anywho, I wouldn't mind seeing your list of favorite books either. I saw the same list at the Guardian this morning and was thinking of ripping it up and putting in my own.